Lurve Potion 100% Organic Essential Oil Blend – 10ml


`Spice it up´ with your lover(s) or ignite the passion within yourself, with this luxurious, exotic blend.

Lurve isn’t just for ‘sexing it up’; it can help get you in the mood for a party, a performance or pumped-up for a big day.  It stimulates, yet relaxes and makes you feel the LURVE.

Diffuse for a feeling of happiness and love, a sensual massage, a luxurious bath or spa, a replenishing aromatic compress, an uplifting steam inhalation.

This potion has amazing properties to improve the skin, it can be used as serum combined with a high quality carrier oil, like Satori Aura or use in other organic skin care products.

Aromatic Scent

A sensual warm woody aroma combined with lighter floral-zesty bursts.

Therapeutic Benefits

Calms the mind, bringing happiness and stimulates passion.

Satori Essential Oils are:

  • 100% Organic Australian Grown & Made
  • Cruelty Free – Vegan – No Tested On Animals
  • Recyclable Packaging & Returnable Bottles
  • Australian Owned Independent Business

Methods Of Use


4-15 drops depending upon the size of the diffuser


4 drops to 10ml carrier oil


10-12 drops

Aromatic Compress

3-5 drops to a bowl of warm water.

Immerse a clean cloth, wring out excess and apply to area.

Repeat as necessary.

Steam Inhalation

3-5 drops to a bowl of steaming water.

Drape towel over head and bowl.

Inhale vapours for 5 minutes, keeping eyes closed.

Direct Inhalation

One of the simplest and immediate ways to inhale essential oils.

Apply 1-2 drops of chosen oil neat onto a tissue and inhale the vapors.


Mandarin, Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Australian Sandalwood, Cardamon, Jasmine


For elderly or children over 12 years, use half the recommended dosage.

For children under 12 years, if you’re pregnant/nursing or have health concerns, please consult a medical professional before use.